Billy takes on Run Melbourne

By Liv Gorman

Join us in helping Billy reach his 10k goal as he participates in Run Melbourne on July 28 to raise funds for two charities: Abacus Learning Centre and Very Special Kids. Abacus offers centre-based Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Therapy to children across Australia.Very Special Kids is a hospice and support centre for more than Victoria families living with critically ill kids.

Billy has Autism Spectrum Disorder. In his case, his support needs are high and he requires full-time, one-to-one supervision from his support team.  We continue to be inspired by Billy.

For more, please see the link below. We appreciate your support.

Hearth is supporting one of their long-time Participants, Billy Moore, as he trains for Run Melbourne on July 28. Billy is raising funds for two charities Very Special Kids and Abacus Learning Centre. These charities are close to the hearts of many Victorians, particularly those with critically ill children. These charities have a special place in the hearts of the Moore family. Billy’s mother is the Executive Director for Abacus where Billy received learning support as a child. 

Participating in Run Melbourne is no small feat for Billy who has Autism Spectrum Disorder. Billy is non-verbal and requires full-time supervision from his family and Support Workers. Before Billy was introduced to the disability health provider, Hearth Support Services, Billy was engaged in a day program and he wasn’t making progress. Billy’s family wanted a different approach to their son’s support, somewhere including a range of activities and begin working towards his individual goals.

Billy training for Run Melbourne [Video Still]. Photo Credit, Jakub Mardon.

Since joining Hearth, Billy has been engaged in various recreational sport activities. He is a member of both Sailability for his group sailing sessions and Helping Hoops where he plays basketball with other individuals who have intellectual disabilities. He keeps busy with his community service work, volunteering at the Royal Botanic Gardens and his local Op Shop, Brotherhood of St Laurence.

Hearth’s key Support Worker, Jakub Marlon has supported a lot of Billy’s training and exercise. It is through this different approach to support that Billy has been able to engage in these activities. The challenge is a fantastic example of the strength of community and the tiered networks of support that back complex Participants, such as Billy.

If you are passionate about this cause, please donate: https://www.gofundme.com/f/billy-from-brunswick-run-melbourne

Billy playing basketball. Photo Credit, Jakub Mardon
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