Creating a feeling of home – Hearth Connect

On the 25th of July, Hearth hosted its monthly “Hearth Connect”. Hearth Connect aims to bring together employees monthly to ensure they have a chance to talk, break bread, and – most importantly – connect with one another.

The growth of the NDIS has provided amazing job opportunities for allied health professionals, from disability support worker to area coordination. But, as the NDIS matures, so do the roles within the sector. Change in any emerging industry is inevitable, and spending time assessing it and properly preparing your workforce will help your employees in a multitude of ways.

Justin Scanlon, our founder, hopes that bringing together his employees to talk freely about their work and any recent changes in the NDIS will foster a positive environment in which support workers will know they are valued.

Disability support work and in-home care can be an isolating job: carers may not have the chance to see colleagues for days or weeks at a time. The physically and sometimes emotionally demanding roles require strong and capable employees. Hearth Connect attempts to ensure that employees have other skills to deal with the emotional pressures that workers may face.

The latest Hearth Connect was well attended and wonderfully catered thanks to Professional Chef Ben Robinson.

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