Hearth Expands into South Eastern Metro Melbourne

Hearth Expands into South Eastern Metro Melbourne

I am delighted to announce that Hearth Support Services is now open to support participants in South Eastern Metropolitan Melbourne!

Despite opening our new “North West Melbourne Office” at the start of COVID-19, the demand for our support services has been extraordinary. This has been made possible as well by the passion, can-do attitude, skill, experience, and effort of the North West team, well supported by the Hearth Leadership team. 

We now feel ready to turn our minds to introducing the “Hearth Approach” to participant goal centred support now to the South East of Metropolitan Melbourne. This now enables all of Metropolitan Melbourne to be able to access our unique support worker offering. This footprint will also well support our game changing Hearth Housing initiative, coming soon.

We thank all in the disability sector for the continuing support. We really value these strong and deep partnerships.

Justin Scanlon 

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