Hearth Geelong Holds “Support Worker Connect Meeting”

Hearth Support Services Geelong holds Support Worker Connect meeting

Hearth Support Services Geelong Holds “Support Worker Connect Meeting”

Working one on one as a disability Support Worker can at times feel isolating and challenging. Hearth Geelong Connect meetings are designed to provide Support Worker peer support.

Hearth Relationship Managers Support “Support Workers”

Hearth Relationship Managers an essential element of the “Hearth Approach”

In part that’s why Hearth Support Services established the “Relationship Manager” role to provide Participants and Support Workers with a single point of accessible contact so they can get the support they need.

It is very reassuring for Hearth Disability Support Workers to be able to call their Hearth Relationship Manager whenever required to discuss any challenges they have.

Ramona’s experience as a Hearth Support Worker is typical i.e. “In the first couple of months I felt really challenged and experienced quite a bit of self-doubt. I was always wondering “Am I doing the best thing for them?” “Is this the way they would like me to do this?”

“I realized one of the biggest challenges for me was when the participant was non-speaking, because I would not be getting verbal feedback from them to reassure me that I was providing appropriate support.”

“Fortunately, I was able to discuss my concerns with my Relationship Manager and they would guide me through any challenges I had. I found it reassuring to be able to contact my Relationship Manager whenever I needed because I knew that they had met the participant and had a detailed understanding of their support needs.”

Hearth Support Services – Support Worker Jordan – Describes Working at Hearth

Hearth Connect – Valuable Support Worker Support

Hearth “Connect” meetings were established to take Support Worker “support” to a new level as it creates an opportunity for peer-to-peer interaction and discussion in a comfortable environment.

At today’s event Hearth Support Workers were able to support each other by discussing their experiences and share their understanding and learnings of providing support.

One Hearth Support Worker said “talking with other Hearth Support Workers, makes me feel supported, valued and part of the Hearth Family”

Hearth Geelong are Hiring Support Workers

Hearth is expanding its client base in the Greater Geelong Region as the holistic Hearth Approach to disability services resonates with its clients who are looking for a long-term partnership with their disability support services provider.

As a result, we are hiring Disability Support Workers if you would like to know more, please visit our careers page here

If you would like to learn more about Hearth Support Services Geelong, please give me a call or email me my details are below

Lisa Horkings

General Manager Hearth Client Services

Mobile: 0406 895 531

Email: lisa.horkings@hearthaustralia.com.au

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