Our Choice Expo excitement building up at Hearth

There’s a buzz around Hearth right now, ahead of one of the year’s biggest gatherings of community and disability support providers in Victoria.

It will be our first time at the Our Choice Expo in Caulfield, and we are looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible to tell you all about how we want to make a difference to lives. So be sure to make time to meet us at Caulfield Racecourse on Tuesday 21st November.

We will be one of over a hundred and twenty exhibitors, all showcasing areas of disability support including personal care (our specialty!), equipment, early intervention, housing, technology, leisure and more.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is being rolled out across Victoria right now so the Expo will be important for many in the community preparing to access the NDIS as well as putting their approved plans to work.

For Hearth founder Justin Scanlon, it is important that the Expo brings to life key pillars of NDIS – choice and control.

“Participant choice is important and what better way than to have all the providers together” he says. It’s an opportunity for participants, families and the support network to meet providers.”

Hearth Relationship Managers Rashmika and Nellie selecting our information flyers for Our Choice Expo

Rashmika, one of our Relationship Managers pointed to the role the Expo could play in removing some uncertainties during this important time of change.

“I believe that for many families, especially those whose children have had a recent diagnosis the whole NDIS process can be very daunting.”

“Families need to have an opportunity to ask questions and receive information that is relevant to their specific situation.”

But what about having to visit the one hundred plus different stands? Could it not be a bit much?

Not at all according to Nellie, Head of our Relationship Managers at Hearth. She says the Expo is one of the platforms where Australians with a disability are able realise what the NDIS offers.

“Expo’s are traditionally settings where individuals should be overwhelmed with the variety and quality of choice.”

“Within the health sector, this is particularly important for individuals who live with a disability, to have the opportunity to exercise their right to choice and control.”

Of course, one thing is for sure – Nellie and Rashmika are clear they want as many people as possible to choose Hearth.

“I believe that at Hearth we have a very unique approach to providing care. We place value and a high emphasis on the individual and their family,” Rashmika says.

“We acknowledge that for the support worker and family relationship to be successful they must be carefully matched.”

She adds, “I am really excited about meeting the families.”

Nellie echoes the sentiment. “We will be out at force at the Expo, Founder, Relationship Managers and support workers alike! There won’t be a better way to get an idea of the full extent of our organisation and what we offer.”

Justin Scanlon and Hearth support worker Emma spreading word about Hearth at Camberwell Station

It is just this type of vigour in his team which energises Justin Scanlon.

“The essence of Hearth is its people. People who every day wake to strive to make a big difference to people’s lives.”

“Based on my personal experience, I founded Hearth to make a big difference to not only my family situation, but also to many other families,” he says.

The Hearth team is hoping that the meetings which families and individuals with a disability have with them and indeed other disability service providers at the Expo make a difference.

At the Hearth stand, we will provide information about our services as well as special events we are organising with sector experts including the upcoming free Q & A public forum on NDIS.

Hearth Relationship Manager Rashmika tells a train commuter about Hearth

Rashmika says it’s important that everyone feels genuinely supported.

“I am hoping the families that come to the Expo leave with a sense of community. I believe it is really important that families feel like they are truly supported and not alone in their journey.”

 “Engaging and supporting members of our community through Hearth and through the Expo is both really rewarding and a privilege.”

For Nellie it’s all about a true sense of choice which NDIS promises.

“I hope that each individual, and their families who visit the Expo leave feeling spoilt for choice of providers and that there are organisations out there that can cater for their individual needs.”

More information about the Our Choice Expo organised by Valid in association with Nexus Primary Health and the Mitchell Shire, visit the Seymour NDIS Expo on the 29th November 2018.

to find out more about the Expo visit https://www.valid.org.au/seymour-ndis-expo

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