Ashwood & Hearth Collaborate on Work Experience Program

Ashwood School Students getting IT work experience at Hearth Support Services

Ashwood School & Hearth Support Services Collaborate to Develop a Work Experience Program for Students

We are really excited about commencing our 5-day work experience program in collaboration with Ashwood School based in our Glen Iris head office.

The aim of the Hearth Support Services Work Experience Program is to provide students with the supervised opportunity to experience and actively participate in several different facets of Hearth Support Services administration including.

  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Compliance
  • Recruitment
  • Client Services
  • Client Intake
  • Finance
  • Payroll
Ashwood students Tasula and Alex getting work experience in the Hearth Compliance Team

Ashwood & Hearth Work Experience Program Student Benefits

Our program assists and benefits students by giving them.

  • A better understanding of the work environment and what employers expect of their employees.
  • An opportunity to explore career options.
  • Increased self-understanding, maturity, independence, and self-confidence.
  • Increased motivation to continue study and/or undertake further training.
  • An introduction to workplace recruitment practices.
  • Opportunity to include the employer’s work experience evaluation in future job and course applications.
Ashwood  students Tasula and Alex getting work experience in the Hearth Intake Team

Student Feedback

We received very rewarding and reassuring feedback form one of our Ashwood work experience students Tasula, “by Wednesday, it took me a little while to open up. Then I realised everyone is really nice and I am really going to enjoy this. I was in safe hands. I love working here. Beautiful community to work in, kind people, very interesting work, you guys do amazing things”.

Ashwood  students Tasula and Alex getting work experience in the Hearth Recruitment Team

The highlight for Tasula’ s time at Hearth: I enjoyed everything, but my favourite was Finance and showing us how the money flows fascinating learning how everyone is paid.  Whilst the highlight for Alex was “I liked IT. Chatting with other colleagues, learning, everyone is very friendly. Some new phones came in and labelled the phones. Joining the team meeting and seeing everyone on the big screen”.

Hearth Support Services Team Benefits

Having Ashwood  students Tasula and Alex in the Glen Iris office was highly valuable for the broader Hearth team and specifically the team that undertook the work experience program supervision.

We have learnt a great deal from the experience and look forward to continuing the growth and development of our program, engaging with Ashwood, Glenallen, and other participating schools in 2022 and beyond.

We believe that it was a rewarding program for all involved and summed up well by AlexIt’s been an amazing week”

Justin Scanlon

Founder Hearth Support Services

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