Hearth Housing (Non-SDA)

Hearth Housing (Non-SDA)

Hearth Housing - Non-Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

4 key elements to Hearth Housing (Non- SDA)
Participant First
Houses purchased towards the end of the process.

The aim over time is to build a portfolio of apartments, townhouses and houses (2 – 4 bedroom) embedded in the community, owned by a separate but related entity to Hearth for the exclusive use of people with a disability.
Housing Guiding Principles
  • The home will promote independent living & be easy to maintain
  • The properties should not be clustered housing, but rather embedded within local communities
  • The homes will be situated close to public transport & support services should be accessible
Participant Choice

A level of choice and control is important.

Choice about where to live, who to live with and which Hearth Support Workers they work with. It is a rental model with the properties owned by a separate but related entity from Hearth. There is a choice as to whether there is a financial gap to pay privately or not, depending on the location of the home and some other factors.

Housing Formats

2- or 3-bedroom houses/ apartments

Promote independent living and choice
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