Hearth Positive Behaviour Support

Hearth Positive Behaviour Support

Hearth Positive Behaviour Support

At Hearth, we understand the complex nature of behaviour. Hearth Positive Behaviour Support Practitioners support people to live to their full potential and enjoy an everyday life while promoting independence with a focus on freedom from unnecessary restrictions.

We believe that every person has the right to communicate their needs, participate in meaningful activities and have choice and control in their life.

Sometimes a person living with a disability responds to their environment or communicates their needs by using behaviours that challenge.

These behaviours can lead to frustration, fractured relationships, and the use of reactive practices by others in an attempt to reduce the challenging behaviours.

At Hearth, we think differently about behaviour, providing individualised support to people who use behaviours that challenge. We use the positive behaviour support framework to build an understanding of why challenging behaviours occur.

We do this based on an assessment: of the person, the environments where they spend their time and information from their supports.

With our client centric approach, we balance the focus on reducing behaviours of concern with the aim of improving quality of life through increasing positive and joyful experiences.

We understand the importance and prioritise working collaboratively with the participants support network. We spend time training and coaching the participant, their key workers and family members to implement recommended changes.

This unique approach helps us to achieve the best positive long-term outcomes for people.

Working collaboratively with the participants support network to achieve positive long-term outcomes.
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