Professional Boundaries Reminder

Professional Boundaries Reminder

The festive season is fast approaching so I thought it timely to remind you about our professional boundaries policy.

Professional Boundaries – Gifts

Giving or receiving gifts from family or friends is a very enjoyable part of the Festive season and is symbolic of a very personal relationship. It is also very common for support workers to receive gifts from participants and their families, at Christmas time, at the end of a relationship, or as a token of thanks.

The relationship between a participant and support worker is quite different, whilst it can be a special relationship it also has to remain professional.

Things to considered if you receive a gift from a Participant

If a gift is very personal or of high value, then it could distort the participant–worker relationship or give the impression of some impropriety.

Participants may expect something in return for a gift: special treatment, a return gift, the deepening of the relationship.

If a gift is of low value and not too personal it may be possible to accept it without any problems.

Support Workers may accept gifts of minor value, such as a card or a box of chocolates as a ‘thank you’ or for special events, such as birthdays.

However, Support Workers are not permitted to accept money or expensive gifts from participants or their family.

Things to consider if you give a gift to a Participant

A gift from a Support Worker to a Participant is more problematic and less usual.

If a gift is given by an individual Support Worker to a particular Participant and not to other Participants, it would be very easy for the Participant or others to see the relationship between the two as ‘special’ or more personal.

Gift disclosure

The receipt of all gifts must be disclosed to your Relationship Manager.

For Further Information

Please ensure that you contact your Relationship Manager should you be unclear about giving or accepting gifts from Participants or personally attending any events that the Participant has organised.

Thank you for your support, cooperation and understanding.

We wish you a safe festive season.

Warm Regards

Justin Scanlon

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