Hearth Delegates Attend 13th Annual National Disability Summit

Hearth Delegates Lisa Horkings & Celie Smirl at 13th Annual National Disability Summit

Hearth Support Services Delegates Attend 13th Annual National Disability Summit

We were so pleased to attend the 13th Annual National Disability Summit.

At Hearth, we believe this event is critical to the disability sector as through discussion and engagement we will be able to evolve and improve the world leading NDIS and the support of people with disability to live their best life.

Thank you to the organisers of the event and all those individuals who took the time to attend.

We certainly came away with numerous great ideas to further improve our organisation and the way we support our Participants.

What is Hearth Disability Support Services?

Hearth was founded on Justin Scanlon’s lived experience with his son Tristan and built from scratch in 2017 to transform disability support.

Key to Hearths success has been its  constant evolution through experience with hundreds of disability Support Workers and Participants and strengthened through deep sector engagement and collaboration.

Hearth, founded to provide responsive support without the hassle, while understanding that every person with a special need is profoundly different and unique.

The initial focus of Hearth was recruiting, employing, matching, and training disability Support Workers.

At Hearth we have continued to evolve and learn rapidly to build capability, systems, and processes to be able to sustainably support a wide range of Client/Participant needs, leading to positive outcomes for our Participants including some of the most complex Participants in Victoria.

To this end, during 2021 we expanded our Melbourne support services to create a true client centred interdisciplinary approach to support. The additional services include Hearth Allied Health (Speech Pathology, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy) as well as Positive Behaviour Support.

The “Hearth Approach” to Participant support works best when the entire team comes together to support and enable the Participant’s goals.

What is the “Hearth Approach”?

Hearth Support Services has several key elements to its innovative approach to disability support work services. This includes the Relationship Manager role, the passion for Support Worker matching of Participants needs and interests and the quality of the central support team including expert compliance.

If you would like to learn more about Hearth, email me (my details are below) or call our 1800 894 013 or visit our website www.hearthaustralia.com.au

Celie Smirl

Hearth Founder & Chief Operating Officer


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